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Psychic Readings by Angela Dawn

Psychic Readings by: Angela Dawn

About Angela Dawn

I'm an experienced Psychic and a trained Counselor, which compliments my role as a Spiritual Advisor. I can also intuitively combine the versed in Feng Shui and dream interpretation. I am able to talk you through your anxieties and crises in a compassionate and expert manner. I can show you how to look at issues, and any obstacle that may be present and how to deal with them effectively, while maintaining balance and harmony within oneself and one's environment. I offer honest, discreet, and time efficient readings, that will shed light on your current situation, which sometimes may seem very unclear. By application and focus of the mind, I will tap into the creative principle. The powers of thought, meditation or prayer can be utilized for this purpose. Spirituality made simple with clear answers to your most important questions. If you are seeking insight into upcoming changes in relationships, lifestyle, career, finances, goals, health or simply want a reading, I can help…

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