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Psychic Readings by Amina Riza

Psychic Readings by: Amina Riza

About Amina Riza

Hello, I’m Amina I’m a professional Psychic and spiritual Intuitive. I have helped people from all walks of life for many years. Growing up I always knew I was different. I learned to keep this sensitivity to myself because it usually got me into trouble. As I grew older, I decided not to hide my gift; I learned to accept this extra sensitivity as a blessing. The beauty of spiritual gifts is monumentally sacred. I have been honored to be blessed with my God-given gift. Once I fully embraced my abilities, my whole life changed, and in turn I helped change the lives of other people. I have a deep respect and love for my clients and my work. Giving a reading is a personal and powerful experience for both me and my client. I’ve done hundreds of readings throughout the years, and each one is unique in its own way. I’m empathic and compassionate and it helps me understand people and give the right pieces of advice when they are needed. I help people every day to understand what drives them, what holds them back, and what goals they can achieve. Then I stick with them and help by listening and giving advice in each step along the way. Don’t let time or distance stand in your way; I have the help you need.

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