Psychic Readings by Alexis Hope

Psychic Readings by: Alexis Hope

About Alexis Hope

My paternal grandmother taught me how to read cards at a very young age. Later in life, I delved further into the art of Cartomancy and was trained to read Sicilian style from a true Master and famed card Reader. Everyday, I thank my mentors for the great gift of their teachings. I started reading professionally 20 years ago when I decided to expand my abilities of communication with the cards, and now I am an expert in my field. Cartomancy is a reading that is predictive and straight to the point. My promise is that you will always receive clear guidance from me, no vague readings or foggy descriptions. I cannot tell you what you want to hear, but I will share with you my true and accurate findings. I look forward to offering you the highest level of excellence and accuracy as possible. In Love and Light, Alexis Hope.

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