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Psychic Readings by Abraxas Bell

Psychic Readings by: Abraxas Bell

About Abraxas Bell

Abraxas is an unorthodox and unordinary Clairvoyant, Channeler, gifted psychic Astrologer, unparalleled energy Worker, Empath, spiritual Savant, Intuitive and Medium who genuinely knows and understands the spirit world and how the universe operates and flows. His extensive esoteric background includes Religion, Psychology and so much more. He is a caring, ethical spirit Worker who will prioritize your well being. Abraxas will share his thought provoking, exceptional insight on relationships, vocation, abundance, family, those on the other side, synchronicities, all with sincerity, authenticity, and respect, acceptance, trust, understanding, and radiant, magnified light. He assures that whatever path you’re on, he will work infinitely to assist you personally, properly, and happily.

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