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What Should You Expect From a Psychic Fair?

Psychic fairs are held in large towns and small, at convention centers and in storefronts and clubs. You’ll see tiny two-line ads for them in alternative or New Age newspapers: “Psychic Fair, date, time and place.” That’s all it says. What’s a psychic fair? Should you go? Can you get a reading? Maybe more than one reading? Who are the psychics? Are they real?

A psychic fair is a live, all-day happening. Maybe it lasts the weekend. It’s an organized gathering of professional diviners of all kinds, not only psychics, who have agreed to sit at tables and offer readings and advising, and sometimes healing rituals, for any member of the public who comes by and asks.

Yes, they are professionals. Organizers of psychic fairs know who the local professional diviners are, and don’t permit just anybody to rent a table at the fair. “Professional” means you pay the diviner for your reading, normally a consultation lasting 15 minutes at least. An astrological “mini-reading” is probably very accessibly priced, perhaps $15 or $20. If you like horoscopes and the $100-$200 price of a full, hour-long horoscope reading will torpedo your budget, a mini-reading is for you. Fifteen minutes might be enough for a full 10-card Tarot card or palm reading.

Advantages of Psychic Fairs

Because a fair offers several diviners to choose from, first wander around and check out what each one offers until you find a diviner whose method or presence piques your interest. Diviners honor intuition and intervention. Do not be afraid to approach, or intimidated. They are people just like you. They will answer your casual questions such as “What exactly is it that you do?” or “Can you answer yes-or-no questions?”

Most likely, among the diviners are Tarot-card readers, psychics, astrologers, mediums, and crystal specialists. If you find a palmist, do try it; palmists are now rare. Aura readers often have special aura cameras that snap an instant photo of you with your aura. You might also find rune readers, angel-card readers, numerologists, or dream interpreters. It’d be great if you could sample them all—a memorable afternoon. If you’ve never had a reading, try a few different kinds to find out what method resonates with you.

If you are there, you probably already prefer and will seek out a particular divination method, but I, who prefer Tarot, will never forget the time I said to myself, what the heck, and paid $25 to have my aura photographed and read. I still have the photo of me with my aura: bright red, a bit foggy, and extending about 18 inches from my body, which is, I was told, exceptionally large, and because I knew a little about auras, I knew that was true. My aura at that moment signified “lots of energy.” Your aura might have multiple colors, with a different color radiating from each chakra. There are aura readers without cameras, too. They will probably have you stand in front of a white screen so your aura is more visible.

See, it’s fun!

Every provider there wants to deliver you the truth. Fakes can’t stay in the business long because practitioners and customers find out, spread the word, and the fake’s reputation is ruined. That’s especially true in the Internet era. For those in the fortunetelling business, you are only as good as your reputation.

Disadvantages of Psychic Fairs

As professionals, the fortunetellers at the fair all have business cards, so if you liked the reading, grab or photograph a business card, because while the reading might be memorable, the diviner’s name and contact information can easily slip out your mind. At a psychic fair a lot of contact is going on. The air might be full of vibrations or actual noise from the people there.

A psychic fair is not optimal for astrological readings, because astrology is so complex and 15 minutes is just a fraction of the time required for a complete reading. The astrologer will probably have a computer program to instantly calculate your natal chart and current transits, and perhaps will print it out so you can see and go over it together. You must know your birth time, or astrologers can’t predict anything. They can, however, read the personality and character of someone who hasn’t got a birth time, or create a compatibility chart if you know someone else’s birthday.

Avoid a Tarot reader or palmist who, at the fair, is using Tarot software, palmistry software, or numerology software. Those programs are on the Internet, providing answers instantly and free. Can computerized readings be correct or useful? Not really. A real reading requires a skilled human interpreter. Don’t consult anyone whose only tool on their table is a computer or tablet.

The readings cost money. This might surprise you, because people often think those who read fortunes ought to do it without charge. The word “professional” means they do it for money and have proven themselves worthy of payment. No genuine fortuneteller works for free. They might work for donations or “love offerings,” and have a jar for tips.

At a psychic fair you might be limited to asking one question, or you might want to know more from your reading than 10 or 15 minutes will allow. Chances are good, though, a line of customers is waiting, and after a certain length of time your turn is over. Don’t pester for more. Take a business card and contact the diviner later to set up an appointment.

You might not like what you hear from a diviner. In crowd situations, diviners are often pressured to give “feel-good” readings. They should be giving truthful readings. If the answer to your question is “no” when you hoped for “yes,” are you mature enough to accept that without becoming huffy or angry?

Do’s and Don’ts 

Don’t swagger up to a diviner and say something like, “If you’re a real psychic, tell me my grandfather’s name.” Every diviner has an answer for that kind of question, such as “Don’t you already know your grandfather’s name?”

Do go to a psychic fair with an open mind and in a “seeker” mode. Seek and ye shall find.

Don’t ask or cajole the reader for a free reading or free sample. It’s a psychic fair. You’ve been to county fairs or state fairs, or at a Renaissance Faire, right? Nothing at a fair is free. (That’s why it’s called a “fair.”)

Do ask any question you’re thinking about. A professional diviner has heard just about everything that people can possibly do and will not be shocked or upset if your question is deeply personal or secret, or if what you are asking about is so painful that you cry. That is normal, natural, and human.

Don’t go with children or pets you must hold in your lap during a reading. The reading is supposed to be focused on you alone, the diviner needs to concentrate in order to serve you, and the reading should be confidential.

Do expect to be courteously treated. Just as your doctor or lawyer or retail clerk provides you with individual attention and courteous service, diviners should also.

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