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Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart

We know the date: October 26, 1947; she’s a Scorpio. We know the place: Chicago. But astrologers have only hints, suggestions, and rumors about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s birth time. Guesses range from 2 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the most commonly used birth time, 2:19 a.m., reportedly leaked by an employee of the Illinois Department of Public Health. If that’s what happened, that employee risked jail and a $25,000 fine to leak the most-sought-after secret information in this election season.

Hillary Clinton Birth Chart
Hillary Clinton Birth Chart

From Clinton’s birth date alone astrologers can see she’s got a lot of Scorpio planets, so it is no surprise that Clinton wanted a private server for her email. Scorpio values privacy. They don’t want everyone to know their business. Would Clinton have ever considered denouncing in public her lying, cheating Leo husband? Not a chance. Will she release her Illinois birth certificate so astrologers can analyze her down to the last detail? Twenty-five years in the national news and she hasn’t done it yet.

A birth or natal chart is simply a map of the sky as it was on the day of birth. We all have one, and it’s the landscape of our personality. For those whose birth times are unknown, or, like Hillary Clinton, on documents protected by privacy laws, astrologers calculate birth charts using the information they are able to get. They set those birth charts at generic default times such as 6:00 a.m., or sunrise, or 12 noon. While not exact, speculative charts are still a gold mine of information. They include:

  • the Sun sign, representing the person’s self and ego
  • most of the time, the Moon sign, representing the emotions and inner life
  • all the planets in their appropriate zodiac signs, and their meanings
  • all the aspects between the planets, except for the Moon.

What we won’t have is the Rising sign, the third-most-important key to natal horoscope interpretation. But let’s see the glass as half full.

A Scorpio Four Times Over

Hillary with the American Flag
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio four times over, with her natal Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all in Scorpio. Her natal Jupiter barely nudges over the Scorpio-Sagittarius borderline. Jupiter in friendly Sagittarius makes her luckier and more personable than she would have been had if born with Jupiter in Scorpio.

The former Secretary of State, now a presidential candidate, seems tough and humorless—like another former female Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who served George Bush’s administration. Presidents Obama and Bush both chose well: Sun Scorpios commit to their jobs and gladly work behind the scenes, where the real power and money are. They have one-track minds. They’re not comfortable onstage or in crowds, and although they can drone on for hours will deflect personal questions. Sun Scorpios are self-conscious because they know what counts, in this culture, is their image. They’d rather be known for their work and achievements.

That’s been Hillary Clinton’s problem ever since she became America’s first lady in 1992. She was born into in a world in which public image means everything and everything is publicShe was born into in a world in which public image means everything and everything is public. She’s perceived as hard-shelled and humorless—because she is.

Female Scorpio Suns are not chorus girls. Unlike her opponent, the freewheeling, boyish Gemini Donald Trump, Clinton’s battle scars show, and she looks her age. Having three planets in Scorpio, including the mind planet Mercury and the caring planet Venus, grants Clinton a type of behind-the-scenes genius that might not be apparent during her lifetime. She might be a genius for righteousness. She certainly can carry righteousness a little too far.

The asteroid Chiron is also in Scorpio, indicating that pain or discrimination set her on her career path and kept her there. We can also gather, from her chart, that she suffers intensely from criticism, suspicion, and mud-slinging, takes it personally, and privately mourns that she must endure it. But if Scorpio has a motto, it’s “Never let them see you sweat.” Have you ever seen her sweat?

It’s Not a Classic Presidential Chart

Donald Trump’s chart looks most like the charts of other presidents of the United States: lopsided (or we could say “focused”) with planets clustered in one half of the chart, leaving many empty houses. They need other people to push them, prop them up, or pick up their slack. Hillary Clinton’s chart is more balanced. In today’s politics, where you either win big or lose big, with no in-between, that’s not good. On the other hand, the Scorpio with a balanced chart will have all her ducks in a row, while the Gemini with the one-sided overload won’t.

Clinton’s Moon Sign can’t be determined without an exact birth time because it’s on the border between Pisces and Aries. We’d know more about her inner life if we had a birth time to help us pinpoint her Moon’s position. Experienced astrologers guess from Clinton’s actions, such as her lifelong defense of women’s and children’s rights, that her Moon is probably in compassionate Pisces, where it was for most of the day on her birthday. Clinton is adaptable and can play just about any role. “Slick Willie” and Hillary aren’t opposites. They argue, but they are a match! She’s not evil, but like any Scorpio she is not above a few colorful dreams of revenge. People born with many planets in water signs, the signs that sting, bite, and pinch, make extremely dangerous enemies.

What’s Her Rising Sign?

It’s quite transparent how Clinton represses her intuition, a trait of both Scorpios and Pisceans, papering it over with a hard, counter-intuitive facade. In the 2:19 a.m. chart, Virgo is her Rising sign. In the 8:02 a.m. chart, Scorpio is her Rising sign. I don’t endorse either chart because the birth times aren’t documented, but if forced to choose I’d pick the 2:19 a.m. chart with Virgo Rising, because in public her manner is so prim and businesslike. Until we have a documented birth time she could have any Rising sign.

The haters accusing her of crimes and wanting her imprisoned reflect her own intense hatreds. She really does despise people who don’t know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, she herself got the two mixed up—once. Perfectionist Scorpio, maybe with Virgo Rising, hates herself for slip-ups, but proud Leo planets—and her faith-filled Neptune in Libra—restore her sense of importance.

I don’t think Hillary Clinton always wanted to be the first female president of the United States. What drove her is the current of energy in her amazingly exact conjunction between Mars and Pluto, in the sign Leo. Mars says, “Go, go, go!” and hits the accelerator while distant Pluto moves slowly. Some astrologers say that conjunction means “Ruthless.” I’d read it as “Frustrating.” Working for justice by becoming a lawyer means tussling with the hugest and slowest of bureaucracies: the legal system. The idea of running for president, and becoming an icon of her entire Pluto-in-Leo generation, took time to hatch. Jupiter in Sagittarius gave her friends, fans, and supporters.

She served her country in supporting roles as first lady of Arkansas and as first lady of the United States. Then, instead of retiring, she ran for a U.S. Senate seat and won, arming herself with qualifications for the presidency. Her life, and her campaign, might have been much simpler without the square aspects between her Leo and Scorpio planets. However, they molded her into a fighter—a trait even her opponent admires.

The Face of a Lioness

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s Saturn is also in Leo, the sign of the egoist and showman. With cold, deliberate planet Saturn banking the Leo fires and warmth that helped elect the Leo Sun presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, famous for their smiles, Clinton has been slow to show any Leo warmth or glow. Instead she has the face of a lioness.

As the first female frontrunner for the presidency, she feels responsible for representing her entire gender and can’t let her defenses down. Nonetheless, with her Mars in Leo, and maybe her Moon in Aries, she looks good wearing red—a lot better than Scorpionic black.

Every natal chart presents challenges. For every one of us there’s a relationship between planets that says, “This part of your experience will be hard, but worthwhile. Are you up to it?” Every life offers a chance to step into the current of history or sit on its sidelines and criticize. People who run for public office have chosen to step in.

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