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Donald Trump’s Birth Chart: Is He Presidential?

Pro-Trump or anti-Trump, his is a birth chart worth looking at. He is a Gemini Sun with a Sagittarius Moon and Leo rising.

Trump's Birth Chart
Trump’s Birth Chart

The above is an astrological map of the sky at the time and place of Trump’s birth at 10:54 a.m. on June 14, 1946, in Jamaica, New York. Astrologers learn to read the symbols and their meaning. But the following interpretation is non-technical.

First, imagine that the chart is an apple pie, cut into four equal or nearly equal slices, called quadrants. This chart shows the vertical and horizontal “slicing” guidelines.

A typical birth chart has its planets dispersed throughout all four quadrants, the way raisins might be scattered through an apple pie. Trump’s planets, except the Moon, are all on the chart’s left half. Having all or most of the planets on one side is unusual. On the left side, this means he’s self-involved, and was born that way.

Even more unusual, most of those planets are in the chart’s upper left quadrant, so despite his intense self-involvement Trump leads a very public life. He was also born under a lunar eclipse, and those born under eclipses are given extra responsibilities. The rewards for their achievements can include fame, money, and respect. If irresponsible (for example, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, cheating on his wife with his married girlfriend Camilla), eclipse people become footnotes.

I’d call any one-sided chart a strong chart, because it grants focus. Most presidents have strong charts. They need them. John F. Kennedy had an unusually focused chart; so did Harry Truman, Calvin Coolidge, and Bill Clinton. Only George W. Bush has a chart more focused than Trump’s. These very different men share one trait: all were long shots to become president, winning the office by slender voting margins or by unseating the incumbent, or through the death of the president. This tells me that Trump can win the presidency, and we all know he lives to win.

Trump's Plane
Trump’s 757

Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Leo Rising

Let’s talk about typical Gemini males. They talk. They talk themselves into and out of trouble. They’re great negotiators and persuaders, admired even for their trash talk, if only because it’s so bold. Career-wise, Gemini, the twins, has four elbows to elbow out everyone else, without loyalty or care. Gemini will change his colors or tune—temporarily—if he sees benefits in that. Youthful all their lives, they hope for immortality in the arts and in record books. Famous Gemini males include Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Phil Mickelson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Sir Paul McCartney, and the artist Christo, who wrapped a whole island in plastic and called it art.

Yoking a Gemini Sun with a Sagittarius Moon produces an entertainer who’ll talk and trample his way to the top. Trump belongs to the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in movies as himself. Sagittarians love attention, audiences, and drama. It’s fun, and Trump makes headlines daily by merely opening his mouth. Even without a Sagittarius Moon, Leo rising would inflate his ego and self-regard. He’d strut like a winner, even if he wasn’t. But he is. And anyone with Leo rising will have very noticeable hair.

Trump’s Wildest Dreams

About “wildest dreams”—Trump has said repeatedly, “You have to think, so why not think big?” Trump’s birth chart shows how big he thinks. His Gemini Sun is aligned with the most rebellious, brilliant, and disruptive planet, Uranus. So it is not at all strange that Trump has no end of shocking things to say, is a brilliant businessman, ego-driven, and enjoys playing the part of a rebel. His showboating has enlivened an otherwise grim election year. He’s been called “the P.T. Barnum of finance.” This lucky Sun-Uranus conjunction is in his house of career.

Trump left his business life behind long ago, spending 14 years on TV reality shows, earning a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Now he seems to be running for president as a challenge, because he’s never held public office. It’s not clear whether he truly wants the job. As a Gemini he’s coated with nonstick Teflon, so he gets away with errors, discrepancies, or thoughtless remarks. Geminis seem like jokers until they learn what people want to hear. With his airy Sun-Uranus link in Gemini, and his fiery Sagittarius Moon and Leo ascendant, he couldn’t care less about what his own political party thinks.

Trump was born a millionaire, and for that he can thank lucky planet Jupiter in his house of money. But he made himself a billionaire. For his blazing energy he can thank the vivid red planet Mars rising in the east at the moment he was born. This powerful Mars placement is in the bold sign Leo. At first, Trump seemed like another wealthy man running for president as an ego boost or hobby. Now he’s close to actually getting the job.

His chart shows that his ambition is to serve his own needs and nobody else’s, so maybe he wants the win more than he wants the actual job. He attacked rival candidates from his own party. He’s said enough to alienate large portions of the electorate. Trump was a registered Democrat and a liberal for much of his life. But because it’s opportune now to play a conservative, he’s hamming it up.


Where His Heart Is

Trump, age 70, says he lives in the moment, “because that’s where the fun is,” so U. S. history, its economy, or its laws or precedents don’t seem to affect or apply to him. That’s how poorly educated and jobless people see eye to eye with a college-educated New York City billionaire. And they like a show. Everyone does.

Venus is in Trump’s 11th house, representing groups, friends, and organizations. It is exactly aligned with Saturn, which means his heart is cold and small. This makes him invulnerable to criticism. Deport, carpet-bomb, build a wall, water board, punish; his policy ideas are defensive and punitive. But he is able to dedicate himself to organizations, if he commands them. He is his own best friend, smart enough to cultivate other friends too (including the Clintons; he’s donated money to their campaigns). Yet what he desires as he ages is not friends but fans.

Trump has no planets in earth signs. When he needs to feel grounded, he seeks it literally, in real estate and material possessions, as his Moon in House 4 indicates. He’s a material guy, and admits to greed. His fans hate greedy politicians, but they accept Trump’s greed as healthy, and proof of his honesty.

His Vulnerable Side

Trump’s birth chart’s houses 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are empty. So many consecutive empty houses is unusual. It’s the weakest aspect of his chart. No one has his back. He repels his own political party. He has no private life and doesn’t seem to want one. His foreign-born wife Melania isn’t poised enough to help him campaign.

If elected, Trump will have to rely on staff, and, as he’s shown us for 14 seasons on national TV, he’s a difficult boss. He inspires awe and loyalty only in those who don’t know him. The plush Town and Country magazine recently featured Ivanka Trump, Donald’s businesswoman daughter. The article took care to mention her bull-in-the-china-shop father as little and as delicately as possible.

Donald Trump is our wildest dream. He can become president of the United States simply because his birth chart shows him capable of such intense focus his own wildest dreams can come true. They already have: He’s the Republican candidate for the most powerful job in the world. According to his chart, on many fronts he’s actually a very vulnerable person. Maybe power and money compensate for what’s missing, such as tact, humility, substance, wit, or a desire to serve democratic ideals. More likely, he doesn’t care what’s missing because he’s got enough of everything else.

If his fans vote—and he has many, and they do—this could be the birth chart of the next U.S. president. They wanted a government leader who was anti-government, who had achieved the type of success Americans believe in most, big money; and they wanted a leader who’d say what they secretly thought about immigrants, race and gender, our country’s enemies, and government policies.

He will have talked his way into the presidency. His birth chart has fuel enough to send him there. It also shows he’d be left alone there, without friends, and very soon without any fans.

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