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Astrology: Prepare for the Three Autumn Super Moons

This past March, April, and May weren’t easy. After surviving burnout or a loss that put you in soul-searching mode, you are now emotionally better groomed, not so gullible, and appreciate friendship more. You woke up and smelled the coffee. You saw the light. You’re smarter. Chances are you’re working on creating a new look for yourself to reflect that! If not, why not? Get ready, because…

The three Full Moons of October, November, and December 2016, all Super Moons, will roll out their silver carpet for each of us and award us the new beginnings we want —if we know what we want and are ready to receive it. This autumn the Full Moon is leaning in on the Earth three times, to shed more kindly light on us all. It wants to help.

Fall Moon

Do Super Moons Mean Trouble?

A full Super Moon is 15,000 miles closer to the Earth than usual, and will appear about 14 percent larger. That doesn’t look like a lot, but it will measurably raise the level of high tides. Astrologer Richard Nolle at, who coined the term “Super Moon” in 1979, says Super Moons cause or presage storms, quakes, volcanic eruptions, or other bad weather.

Not all astrologers believe this. My view is that in the past 40 years our understanding has progressed and we now accept that the universe is beautifully planned and that our Moon, like our Sun, is benevolent. There’s no point in looking for trouble, because that’s the one thing we’ll always find when we seek it. The Moon’s gravitational tug keeps Earth’s oceans fresh and teeming with life.

Richard Nolle is a certified professional astrologer and a fine one, but to prove his assertion that Super Moons cause natural disasters he allows three days on either side of the Super Moon for storms, quakes, and so on, and sometimes it’s a stretch. As an example he cites Hurricane Katrina. Its clouds began gathering three days after the August 15, 2005, Super Moon. The clouds formed a tropical depression on August 23, a tropical storm on August 24, and on August 25 it was designated a hurricane. It struck the Gulf on August 29. I think blaming the Katrina disaster on the August 15 Super Moon is a stretch. There have always been Super Moons, four to six of them a year, and not all of them brought or bring disasters. Human error and neglect played a huge role in Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans. Tropical depressions and storms, quakes, floods, and eruptions happen somewhere on Earth every day.

But to be very honest with you, the Super Moon with the potential to release a tremendous burst of Earth energy will be on October 15. That’s not because it’s a Super Moon, but because on that day the full Moon is in exact conjunction with the planet Uranus in the sign of Aries, where the planet is strong and a traditional indicator of agitation on Earth. Uranus has been in Aries since March 2011.

Abundant Love in Your Life

You didn’t grow up hearing about “super moons” because it science called it a perigee-syzygy. This harmonious alignment or near-alignment of Sun, Moon, and Earth, three times in a row, brings chances to reboot or upgrade your spiritual life. This autumn’s string of Super Moons is for each of us a great opportunity to tune our inner lives and intimate lives more closely to our personal magic. Let’s download some of the full Moon’s tender light into our minds and souls.

In October, November, and December 2016, the Moon stays close to us, just as it did during the Super Moons of this past March, April, and May. The March 9 Super Moon was an eclipse—not the most cheerful beginning to the string of three, because that lunar eclipse was in Libra. It challenged you to learn and to say, “There’s abundant love in my life.” At the time we might have felt cynical about that.


Super Moon Forecasts

Autumn’s Super Moons occur on October 15, November 14, and December 13. The October 15 Super Moon is at 23 degrees of Aries, in exact conjunction with the planet Uranus. On a personal level—and the Moon’s effect is very personal—this is a sudden burst of energy that can manifest as a brilliant idea or inspiration or a life-changing chance or wake-up call. Prepare by decluttering and mentally getting your ducks in a row by October 15.

November’s Super Moon occurs November 14 at 22 degrees of Taurus. This full Moon, in excellent aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, opens a whole month favorable for arranging your finances for your personal maximum benefit.

December 13th’s Super Moon occurs at 22 degrees of Gemini. On that day’s horoscope chart the Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, so the Sun and Saturn oppose the Moon together. This Super Moon would seem solemn except that it’s in Gemini. It looks as if during the 2016 holiday season everyone will get what they deserve—but not heavy, vengeful, slam-the-door stuff. Thanks to Gemini, the tone at that Super Moon is light-hearted, and longtime stressors can be dissolved with humor and laughter. Maybe a dreaded relative won’t show up at the holiday party. As you gaze at holiday candles you might feel profoundly the joy of knowing that love is abundant in your life. Can’t feel it? Make a list of everyone who loves you and everyone you love.

Happy autumn Super Moons! Their energy is all yours, and it’s free. That’s one of the nicest things about our universe.

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