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Phrasing Your Questions to Get Better Psychic Readings

Keeping psychic readings satisfying isn’t the reader’s job only—the Seeker (you) has a role to play. A Seeker most often comes to a psychic reader with one specific question in mind, such as Does Sam love me? Or Should I take that job? Or, Will my grandmother get better? These are all great questions, and your reader is eager to answer them.

Magic 8 Ball

At first you might think a plain “Yes” or “No” from the psychic is all you want, but if that were true you could use a Magic 8 Ball and accept the 50/50 chance that it’s accurate. Personal psychic readings offer a much higher-quality experience. When the question is urgent, you seek as much depth and guidance as possible. “Yes” or “No” by itself will not do. That’s why you called a human psychic reader. If your answer is “Yes” you will want to know what comes next, what will unfold. And if it’s “No,” what are the reasons, and what should you do?

Your psychic reader knows you expect value from the reading and wants to deliver that value. The psychic isn’t the source of the answer; the universe is. So the reader might encourage you to rephrase the question so it’s more specific. Unlike the Magic 8 Ball, the universe has complete and compassionate answers for you. The more specific your question, the richer and more colorful the answer. To show how this works, let’s say a news reporter wants asks an interviewee:


Reporter: Hey, Coach, do you think your team did well today?

Coach: Yes.

That’s a complete answer to the reporter’s question, but not memorable or what reporters call “quotable.”

A trained reporter elicits a more detailed and revealing answer than “Yes” or “No” by asking questions that cannot be answered with one word, called open-ended questions:

Reporter: Hey, Coach, how would you characterize your team’s performance today?

Coach: Considering how many rookies we have this year and how tough the competition is, they did well. I’m proud.

Clear questions receive clear answers. Most psychics will allow you a few moments to focus on what you truly want to know and can assist you in formulating, rather than a “Yes” or “No” question, a more desirable open-ended question. Here are examples of open-ended improvements on the questions in the first paragraph:

What kind of future do I have with Sam?

What happens if I take that job?

What’s the outlook for my grandmother’s health?

If desiring an even more specific answer—as of course everyone does!—focus your question:

What if Sam says he loves me? (The answer will include your future with Sam.)

If I take that job, will it be a good career move? (By asking the question in this way, you will learn how that job you’ve been offered will or will not fit into your overall career plan.)

What’s my grandmother’s health outlook if she gets a hip replacement? (Grandma might have several health issues, but by asking like this you are being specific about the issue most worrisome right now.) 

To be even more specific about Grandma’s health, you can indicate a time frame:

What’s my grandmother’s health outlook for the next year if she gets her hip replaced?

Mostly likely, while you are having your psychic reading, the clock is ticking or others are waiting, so to make the best use of your time know the benefits of formulating the best possible question so you and your psychic can plunge right in.

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