Psychic Readings: A Guide to Getting Better Predictions

At one time, diviners such as psychics or astrologers were called “advisers,” and that’s a more accurate picture of what psychic readings give you—advice, also called guidance. As with weathercasters, stockbrokers, or doctors, there are hundreds of differing approaches and instruments for forecasting, and hundreds of different people you might consult.

Just as the TV weathercaster isn’t always right, diviners aren’t always right. Considering that forecasters of all kinds work with the mysteries of time, space, nature, society, and human free will, if two years ago an astrologer said you’d marry a Taurus in 2016 and you haven’t, disappointment is natural, but not a reason to scoff at all astrology. You might simply need to change the channel.

Have you made a truly informed and decisive choice to consult the diviner and divination method best for you? Or do you skim a nameless free daily Twitter-length Sun-sign horoscope and wonder why most times it describes a day nothing like the one you’re having? Or have you had, in your whole life, one five-minute psychic reading, long ago, from a stranger? Or use a dream dictionary that gives generic dream interpretations?

Not all advisers are created equal! If forecasts aren’t hitting the mark, it’s time to shop around for another adviser. It’s some of the most important shopping you will ever do.

Here’s your wish list:

1) Experience

The longer a diviner has been in business, the better. Not all diviners are old, warty women or shaggy old men, but good ones are almost always older, because older is wiser. When looking into the unknown, it’s best to have an experienced guide.

2) Followers

Certain diviners win fans and clients not for 100 percent accuracy—because even gifted diviners have off-days—but because they’re consistently good, truthful, and helpful. Avoid any diviner whom you suspect of sugar-coating the truth and telling you only what you want to hear. The best advertisement for a diviner is a personal, word-of-mouth reference from someone known to you. Online testimonials, often fabricated, can be misleading.

3) Professionalism

We all like free psychic readings, and online horoscopes and oracles might satisfy you, but a paid psychic reading will be customized, uniquely for you, and detailed. For example, a customized natal horoscope chart with a 35-page interpretation will save you the time it takes to google the answers to hundreds of questions: Where’s your natal Venus? In Capricorn? What does that mean? Venus is in House 5? What does that mean? Having professional answers can be worth the price. Consider it a treat for yourself. If a professional psychic reading is printed out or otherwise recorded, you will never have to have that same psychic reading done again.

4) Personality

You should like your diviner. Maybe he sounds educated and intense, or she’s warm and friendly. Or maybe he’s friendly but vague, or has a cute accent but talks too fast. Decide what type you click with, and hop around until you feel trust and security.

Many “personalities” on the Internet offer “free online psychic readings,” very long, vague, general (“Love is important to you”) and repetitive texts using your name 10 or 20 times, saying you are special. These “readings” are in fact generic, robotic advertisements trying to flatter you into buying a second psychic reading so you can have your lucky numbers or more detailed information, and then a third psychic reading, and so on. Real diviners never withhold important information, and never barrage you with emails.

5) Humility

If you see “100 percent proven psychic,” or “I guarantee to get your ex back”—well, no fortuneteller, like no weathercaster, can offer any such guarantee. Diviners are obligated to do their best for you. Yet astrologers might have the correct chart, or Tarot readers the right cards, but not interpret them correctly. Spiritual connections fade in and out or can be interrupted. In rare cases, diviners cannot see what’s ahead because the Almighty denies them access; it happens. And not every question has an answer.

Good readers will tell you what they cannot predict, or what seems unclear. They will also reveal the positives and negatives of what they see, advise you how to handle the negative, and remind you that your future is not preordained. Because you have a free, independent will, through your own actions or inaction you can change your future. Going out this Friday night instead of sitting home might net you that special Taurus who is the one.

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