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8 Ways to Misuse a Psychic Reading

So your horoscope, Tarot reading, psychic reading, or palm reading is over. The reader’s advice is perhaps to leave the past behind, or to develop your talents, or stop trying to please people, or have more confidence or faith.

So what’s the next step? How, exactly, can you “leave the past behind”? Delete all the old photos and the Facebook account? Is that going too far? The forecaster said your future was bright. How, exactly, will it brighten? What must you do?

Psychic readings and interpretations should guide people, not worry them. An insightful psychic reading offers a moment of clarity, a breath of fresh air in the hot mess of life. After a psychic reading you should know yourself better and stand a bit taller in spirit. There’s no “must do” list. You alone are the commander of your life and you decide what to do. It’s also possible to misuse a psychic reading and make your life worse. Avoid:

1) Worrying because of the psychic reading

If advised to “dress up and go out this weekend,” but you can’t find a babysitter, don’t be concerned that you’ve screwed up your destiny. Life goes in cycles. There is no such thing as only one opportunity to do right or do well. Psychic readings shouldn’t govern every waking moment. A psychic reading that left you fearful was a false psychic reading.

2) Believing the psychic reading is your “fate”

In former times, people were born into castes or situations where they stayed for life with no way out. The belief in an inescapable fate, called “fatalism,” comes from that kind of society. The world is different now. No one has ever proved that one’s fate is determined at birth or governed by a Tarot card.

3) Hating and fighting what it says about you

If a Cancer Sun hates the word “cancer” and its alternative, “Moon Child,” or if a Scorpio Moon hates her Moon because it makes her so jealous, alternatives do exist. Different forms of astrology might give you a different Sun or Moon or rising sign: Look into Hindu (also called Vedic) astrology or Sidereal astrology. If really troubled, find a second reader, state your problem, and get a second opinion. Or consider working with what you’ve got rather than against it.

4) Being a bore about it

No one likes a believer who constantly talks or posts about what she dreamed, or what her psychic or Tarot reader said, instead of paying attention to and interacting with whoever is actually present.

5) Procrastinating and making excuses based on the psychic reading

“Saturn transiting my tenth house means it’s not a good time to look for a job,” is not an excuse to sit on the sidelines of your own life or stay in bed. If your psychic reading revealed obstacles, it was to encourage you to prepare responses and strategies.

6) Judging people’s morals and character

The occult is meant to open your mind, not close it. We all have an inner list of Sun signs we particularly like. But refuse to date nine of the 12 Sun signs, or say of a total stranger, “His profile says Libra and I can’t stand Libras!” and that’s oversimplifying. A person’s worth, or his past, present, and future, and how you two will relate, can’t be judged solely by his Sun sign. That’s merely one indicator of many. If a psychic told you to watch out for a person with the initial “D,” you should be smart enough to know that in a typical day you will probably meet at least three of them, and it’s a waste to be suspicious of them all.

7) Tell others who they are

“Son, you are a Taurus and Taurus is musical, so forget about soccer and go practice your violin,” “The psychic said my next man would be controlling, and she was right, you are!” “Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon—I know the type!” Stereotyping allows us to skip the work of understanding and appreciating individuals. Nothing good can come of it. Warnings about a troublesome person in your future are valuable only if they are heeded before you get entangled.

8) Impose your psychic reading on others

Your psychic reading applies only to you; it is not a timeless truth for everybody. If the adviser explained that your lover pulled away because he started to have feelings, that doesn’t apply to every lover you will ever have, or every male, everyone with feelings, or every relationship. A reader is not a final authority on how the world operates, and the psychic reading was for you only, not for anyone else.

To use a psychic reading correctly, concentrate on appreciating where you are and take one step every day to improve your life.

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